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Two Landon boys in class, one in focus looking to the front

$10 Million

Landon’s current endowment is approximately $24 million, well below that of peer schools in the Washington, D.C. area and comparable boys’ schools across the country.

Substantial growth of these funds will ensure the long-term stability, viability, and affordability of the institution. While we have worked hard to maintain a thoughtful, disciplined, and mission-oriented approach to the use and management of our current resources, a healthier endowment will help reduce our dependence on tuition and allow us to increase financial aid, making Landon accessible to a wider array of talented boys and enhancing the educational experience for everyone. It will also allow us to continue to recruit and retain the best faculty and to provide them with the types of professional development that foster a lifetime of growth, ensuring they apply the best and latest educational practices for the boys.

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Goal Progress

  • $11.4 million
  • $10 million
Two Upper School students in Science Class

Academic Excellence:  $5 Million

Landon’s exceptional teachers are the lifeblood of the school, and by increasing endowed funds dedicated to their needs, we reaffirm our commitment to our faculty and our collective academic enterprise. We will raise funds to endow more and larger academic chairs. This will help us to recruit and retain top instructors and ensure that our overall ability to compensate faculty remains competitive in the independent school marketplace. Our teachers deserve such efforts, and it is our obligation to support those who are so committed to our boys. Endowed funds will also strengthen professional development programs in all disciplines and grades in order to promote faculty innovation, thought leadership, and intellectual exchange. Growth in the instruction of critical thinking, boy-centered learning, social and emotional development, and character education will reinforce Landon’s place as a leader in independent school education.

Photo of the bear that stands in Bear Circle. Photo is taken upwards looking at bears left side and sun is peaking behind.

Supporting a Diverse Student Body:  $5 Million

Financial aid is essential to the health of our school and our student population because it ensures that deserving students can benefit from and contribute to the Landon experience. Financial aid expands the reach of the Landon education, bringing in important tuition revenue as families receive varying aid grants. A robust financial aid program strengthens the institution in several ways, such as promoting broader perspectives and greater understanding for our students; enhancing socioeconomic diversity and a more well-rounded base of families; increasing the number of applications and the competitiveness of the school; and deepening the collective talent base and the engagement in our curriculum and program.