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Construction Update

Picture of Campus Master Plan

Welcome to our Construction Zone!

We are excited that work has begun on Landon's Campus Master Plan, which was approved by Montgomery County in 2021. This plan will transform our grounds into an even more beautiful and beneficial home for our boys, our faculty, and our community! Please see below for the latest updates on what is happening on campus and what is coming up soon! Please reach out to with questions.


The roadway that runs into campus from Wilson Lane is a single lane from March 1 until June 3, 2022 in order for work to be complete on our new entrance, roadway, fencing, and security booth.  This means that the traffic patterns through campus have changed significantly, including carpool procedures. Most importantly, the Wilson Lane entrance will be the only entrance into campus, and the only exit from campus is through the road leading to Bradley Boulevard. Traffic through campus will generally flow from south to north.  If you plan to be on campus for any events including those held on nights and weekends, please pay attention to signage! Security staff will be available to help with directions. 


Morning Traffic Pattern

Afternoon Traffic Pattern


Happening Right Now

Landon has begun "Phase 0" of the Plan. Beginning in late February 2022, work began in earnest at our Wilson Lane entrance on the initial stages of our broader construction project. The white rocks have been moved to an area near the pool for safekeeping during construction, fencing has been installed throughout the area, and the fading silver maples that had lined the entry (which will be replaced by a new row of taller and longer-lived shade trees) are now removed. We will try to save and repurpose any of that wood as possible.  

Phase 0 Plan

Campus Welcome Center and Infrastructure Improvements

We plan a number of important infrastructure improvements that will enhance the safety and security of the entire Landon community, improve the student and visitor experience, and beautify the campus. First, we will move roadways to the perimeter of the campus, allowing for the creation of an academic quad and pedestrian-friendly core of the campus – a continuous, vehicle-free area where the boys spend most of their academic day. In addition, a new welcome center closer to Wilson Lane will guide visitors and facilitate vehicle traffic. At the front entrance, we will install new fencing and landscaping to improve the aesthetic view from inside and outside campus and to provide a higher level of security.

Phase 0 Construction

Works ready to remove trees

Wilson Lane entrance - Tree removal begins!

Digger sits near Armstrong Field

Work near Armstrong Field

The roadway view to Wilson Lane

The view from the guard booth after clearing of trees

Trees lying on ground

Trees taken down along entrance road

Dirt moved on entrance road

Entrance road work

Backhoes move dirt on entrance road

Entrance Road Work

Workers erect fence at Wilson Lane

Wilson Lane entrance

Backhoes work at Wilson Lane entrance

Wilson Lane entrance

Workers put up fencing along Wilson Lane
Construction fencing goes up at Wilson Lane

Wilson Lane entrance

Construction vehicles at Wilson Lane entrance

Wilson Lane entrance 

Trees cut down at Wilson Lane

Tree removal at Wilson Lane

Construction materials at Armstrong Field

Construction materials near Armstrong Field

Preparing to make changes at Guard Booth

Prepping work to Guard Booth

Crews take down trees

Trees coming down along entrance

Gravel foundation for road

Gravel foundation for entrance road

Building new entrance road

Building new entrance road

Gravel road

Gravel set for entrance road

dirt road

Entrance road foundation

Columns installed for perimeter fence

Columns installed for perimeter fence

Columns installed for peirmiter fence

Columns installed for perimeter fence

Entrance road foundation and gutters being built

Entrance road foundation and gutters

Landon entrance road foundation and gutters

Entrance Road foundation and gutters.


Campus Master Plan

Capital Projects

Landon will raise $30 million to enhance our facilities.

The Campus Master Plan envisions the creation of a new Upper School building, which will maintain a central location on the current site of the Andrews House, establishing a beacon of learning on the highest point of our 75 acres. With this new Upper School, the Middle School will then move into a renovated and expanded Banfield Academic Center (the current Upper School building), and the Lower School will move into the current Middle School, resulting in an academic quad that supports a cohesive Landon experience for all of our students. 


Our Partners

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