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Greg and Liz Boison, P’29, Establish Endowed Chair in Science

Cross section of US Science Wing

We are excited to announce the newly established Boison Family Endowed Chair in Science, made possible by Greg and Liz Boison, P’29, and their commitment to the continued development of our science programs. Please join us in extending our thanks for their generous gift and dedication to Landon’s future. Inspired by the team at Landon, the couple made their gift to support faculty recruitment, development, and retention.

“It’s inspiring to see science education driving innovation and feeding the dreams of so many young people,” noted Greg. “In this field, things are changing every day. If you’re going to invest in teachers staying current, this seems like a place for a great return on investment.” 

“The faculty at Landon is so important to us,” Liz said. “We want Landon to continue attracting, retaining, and training the finest faculty to continue creating the best academic experience. We want Landon faculty to have access to world-class resources.”

The Boison Family Endowed Chair in Science will allow science department faculty members to pursue continued education, seek supplementary training, and stay up to date with the latest technology and teaching practices. “Gifts like this make for a more engaging learning experience,” Greg continued. “When you give, you’re saying, ‘This is a fantastic place that has provided for my child in wonderful ways; let us give back for future Bears to grow and innovate.’”

The couple hopes their gift will inspire other parents to give. Liz noted, “If we’re going to prepare our children for changes in technology and scientific discovery, for the good of the world and the audacious goals that lie in front of them, it’s going to take additional care and investment to do so.” 

If you are interested in endowing a faculty chair or a different transformative gift that has meaning to you, please contact Director of Development Peter J. Gallo, Ph.D., at or 301-320-1004.