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Campus Master Plan

The Grayson W. Hanes '16 Endowed Scholarship was established in 2021 in memory of Grayson W. Hanes '16, son of Dana and Grayson S. Hanes. 

Grayson was a kind, thoughtful, and humble person. He cared so much for his fellow bears lifting their spirits with stories and encouraging words.  Grayson always saw the good in people. He was insightful and profound, and those around him were drawn to his generous spirit. The Grayson W. Hanes '16 Endowed Scholarship encourages others to live selflessly.

Through the Grayson W. Hanes '16 Endowed Scholarship, we remember Grayson fondly and award a scholarship to a Landon boy who lives his life according to Grayson's core beliefs of kindness, gratitude, and humility, values central to a Landon education.

By providing necessary resources to deserving boys, the Grayson W. Hanes '16 Endowed Scholarship will assist the school in attracting young men who ground their actions in ethical principles exploring what makes an honorable life. In addition, the Grayson W. Hanes '16 Endowed Scholarship directly supports Landon's mission to nurture the whole boy—a critical point at the heart of an all-boys independent school education.

Landon School is grateful to the family and friends of Grayson who have established this scholarship to create a lasting legacy. If you are interested in making a contribution to this scholarship, please contact Director of Devel0pment Peter J. Gallo Ph.D., at or 301-320-1004.