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Shue Family Dedicates Common Space in Boehly Upper School

Shue Family Photo featuring Graham '13, Bob and Mary Shue, Hannah and Blake '09 Shue

Please join us in thanking Blake Shue ’09, Hannah VanderWeide Shue, Bob and Mary Shue, and Graham Shue ’13 for their gift to The Campaign for Landon, which will establish the Shue Family Commons in the Boehly Upper School.

Though four years apart, Blake and Graham gained common values from their Landon experience. “There’s something really special about the way the School pushes you to be your best self,” Blake said. “It’s part of the fabric of Landon.” Graham had the opportunity to watch Blake’s experience from lower divisions. “I looked up to Blake the way a lot of younger students look up to the older boys.” Both boys credit Landon with learning valuable leadership skills, as each served as class presidents throughout their Upper School years, with Graham serving as Student Council president his senior year. They also captained their respective varsity hockey teams. Both boys graduated from Wake Forest and are now involved in commercial real estate.

When The Campaign for Landon was announced, the whole family wanted to get involved. “It’s a once in a lifetime chance to be part of something bigger than yourself,” Blake noted. “There’s power in numbers, and we were all excited to come together for something so special.” Hannah, having seen the impact Landon made on her husband, wanted to join in on the spirit of the family gift. “It’s been such a joy to learn about Landon. We’ve been interested in the idea of dedicating a space to create lasting memories, and I’m honored to be part of this process.”

Blake and Graham’s parents, Mary and Bob, were also eager to get involved. “It was easy to give back to a place that means so much to us,” Mary said. “We wanted to support the Upper School, as it was a stepping stone for our sons.” Bob added, “As parents, we were with Landon for fourteen years and were regular contributors to The Landon Fund. When we came together as a family, we felt that this was something even more transformative.”

“We made so many deep-rooted connections,” Blake said. “This space will allow for more casual down time to build those relationships and make memories.”

“This campaign is important for Landon’s future,” Graham noted. “It will help create a cohesive community where younger students will have more opportunities to see older students as role models, just like I did. Landon has given us so much, and we hope our gift will honor that.”

If you would like to explore ways to make a transformational gift to The Campaign for Landon, please contact Director of Development Peter J. Gallo, Ph.D., at or 301-320-1004.

View of the Shue Family Commons in the Boehly Upper School.